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Case Study: UKWIR

Detecting the Build-up of Blockages in Complex Fluid Networks

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As in the rest of the world, the blockage of drains and sewers is a serious problem in the UK as they can have serious consequences such as severe flooding and polluted waterways. It was these potential consequences and the absence of an optimal solution that led the UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) to run a Challenge to find solutions that could monitor complex sewer networks and detect the formation of such blockages at early stages.

Why Challenge Driven Innovation?

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A quick snapshot of the Innovation Challenge run by UKWIR using InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation framework
  • The Challenge: UKWIR was seeking ideas of novel methods to monitor the formation of blockages in sewer networks in order to prevent spillages
  • The winning solutions found and how they solved the innovation issue
  • The results: how UKWIR benefited from crowdsourcing their innovation process

Who Should Read This eBook?

If you’re a senior leader with managerial oversight or influence over your organization’s innovation initiatives or R&D function, this guide will provide you with fresh, new ideas and methods for tackling complex business problems and innovation challenges.

“We wanted to go beyond our usual cohort of specialists and invite solutions from a potentially unlimited pool of people. In the end, we got brand new thinking with over 50 high quality and original solutions.”

 Steve Whipp, Project Manager at UKWIR

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