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Case Study: Thomson Reuters

How one Two-Step Challenge Program delivered innovation success to this global leader

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Thomson Reuters wanted to improve its Web of Knowledge online tool through customer-driven product insights. Experience of traditional customer research had proven to be slow, costly and often ineffective. With InnoCentive they found an approach that led from insights to a functioning prototype application for the Web of Knowledge product within a few months. Run as a Two-Step Challenge program, the first Challenge captured the crowds creative use cases for the Thomson Reuters Web of KnowledgeSM product and revealed data visualization to be a key improvement. The second Challenge was able to deliver an elegant app that could be tested and scaled quickly.

Why Challenge Driven Innovation?

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A close look at the Thomson Reuters Data Visualization, Web Tools, and IT/Software Challenge
  • Challenge name: Expose Data Relationships Through Visualization of Thomson Reuters Web of ScienceTM Content
  • A look at the solutions submitted and the winners
  • The result: how InnoCentive allowed Thomson Reuters to address a key need

Who Should Read This eBook?

If you’re a senior leader with managerial oversight or influence over your organization’s innovation initiatives or R&D function, this guide will provide you with fresh, new ideas and methods for tackling complex business problems and innovation challenges.

“By engaging with expert technologists in the scholarly community, we are
able to expand the way users interact with the data in the Web of Knowledge.”

Gordon Macomber, Managing Director, Thomson Reuters Scholarly and Scientific Research

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