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Case Study: Roche

Six Challenges that lead Roche to innovation success

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When it comes to innovation the stakes don’t come much higher than in the pharmaceutical industry. Innovative solutions for serious medical problems come with an enormous price tag. The Swiss company Roche spent 8.8 billion Swiss francs on R&D in 2008 alone – nearly 20 percent of its sales. But, there is also a prize: drugs and diagnostics which help people live longer, healthier lives.

Why Challenge Driven Innovation?

Inside, you’ll find:

  • An in-depth look at the innovation Challenges run by Roche using InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation framework
  • The power of networks and how a cross-functional team of Roche managers was put together to take a fresh look at the company’s innovation processes
  • How Roche managed the process of inviting outsiders into their R&D process
  • The results: an inside look at Roche’s diagnostics and what they learned from the process

Who Should Read This eBook?

If you’re a senior leader with managerial oversight or influence over your organization’s innovation initiatives or R&D function, this guide will provide you with fresh, new ideas and methods for tackling complex business problems and innovation challenges.

“There is not economy of scale in research. In research it’s economy of ideas.”

Franz Humerand, Roche CEO

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